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If you are taller than 5'7" your gown will require extra length which will add to the overall cost of your gown.
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***Only fill this out if you want a specific size and do not wish to be sized according to our size charts. Please note that if you request a specific size, you are hereby taking full responsibility for the sizing of your gown. Forrest Paper & Bridal Co. will not be held responsible for improper sizing.***
Once your measurements have been received and approved, you may call in your payment to 601.450.3737
MEASURING GUIDELINES Our bridal consultants will select your size based on the measurements that you are providing. ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS ARE VERY IMPORTANT. Your size will be determined by comparing the measurements you have provided to the size chart provided by the designer. Gowns are NOT cut to your specific measurements. We will select the closest size based on your measurements. You should plan in advance for alterations. It is very unusual for a dress to fit perfectly. These dresses tend to run small and it is very normal to order one or two sizes larger than your normal clothing size. It is much better to err on the large side rather than the dress being too small. We CANNOT return the dress to the designer if it is too small but you can have the dress altered if it is too large. If we have questions or concerns with your measurements we will contact you. Please do not measure yourself! It is best to go to a bridal shop for measurements. If that is not possible have someone help you measure. Make sure the measuring tape is held firmly around each area. Not tight but not loose. To measure your bust, make sure you have a regular bra on, it does make a difference. Measure around the fullest part of your bust, not under your bust line. This measurement should not be the same as your bra size. To measure your waist, measure the most narrow part of your torso. This is usually near your belly button. We need your natural waist measurement, not where you wear your jeans. If you have trouble determining where your natural waistline is you can bend to the side. Where your body bends is your natural waist. This is a very important measurement in determining your size. To measure your hips, place the measuring tape around the biggest part of your bottom. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Payments are not refundable. No returns or exchanges can be made. Once a payment is made you are legally liable for the balance. No goods/services will be rendered until payment is received. We are not willing or able to assume financial responsibility for changes in your personal situation. We are not responsible for changes in size due to weight loss, weight gain or pregnancy. The dress size ordered is the responsibility of the customer. This gown is not custom made to your measurements and alterations are almost always needed. Alterations are NOT INCLUDED in the price of the gown. The earliest estimated shipping date once the order is placed with the designer is 10-15 weeks unless otherwise noted. THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEED SHIPPING TIMEFRAME. We are not responsible for delays that occur outside of our control. (i.e. manufacturer delays, shipping delays, customs delays, natural disasters, etc.) or dye lot variations. All merchandise is shipped via ground delivery unless otherwise requested and paid for by the customer. The bride will be notified upon delivery of your merchandise. Bridesmaids gowns not picked up within 30 days of delivery will be charged a $40 gown storage fee. Items left in our store 30 days past the event date will become the property of Forrest Paper & Bridal Co. and you will be liable for all balances due. THIS IS A CONTRACT OF BINDING SALE AND BY SUBMITTING THIS CONTRACT YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS CONTRACT. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MEASUREMENTS AND INFORMATION THAT YOU ARE SUBMITTING. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS.