Whether you envision a perfectly uniform wedding party, or more of an eclectic mix, Forrest Paper & Bridal Co. can outfit every member of your wedding in the perfect gown at a reasonable price. We offer a wide selection of bridesmaids gowns in every color and style imaginable, and our stylists are always happy to assist with style selection to ensure that the gowns you choose perfectly compliment your Wedding Day vision. And, as a special bonus, bridesmaids of FP Brides get a special discount! 




Do you sell bridesmaids gowns off the rack?
No, just like our bridal collection, all of our bridesmaids gowns are made to order. We do have a small selection of samples ranging from sizes 10-14 that can purchased off the rack.

What sizes do you carry?
We only carry sample gowns in our shop and most are a size 12 or 14. However, our stylists are well trained and fully armed with every kind of clip imaginable to fit the samples to you so that you can see what the gown will look like in your size. We can order any size gown.

How much do bridesmaid gowns typically cost?
Our bridesmaid gowns range in price from $180 - $300, with the average being $210. Bridesmaids of Forrest Paper Brides get a special discount!

When should I order my bridesmaid dress(es)?
Ideally, you would order your bridesmaid gowns immediately after you order your own (bridal) gown. Bridesmaids gowns are made to order and can take up to 12 weeks to come in, so we recommend ordering no later than 4 months before your wedding in order to ensure plenty of time for alterations and pick-up.

What if I miss the deadline?
If you miss the 4 month mark, we may still be able to get your gowns in time with a production or shipping rush. Rush availability and and pricing varies from designer to designer. The absolute maximum rush time available is 4 weeks (from select designers).

Will I need alterations?
Almost always, yes. Though they are made to order, bridesmaid gowns are made based on standard size measurements, not to your specific measurements. For some, this will work out perfectly but most girls will need, at the very least, a hem.

Do you provide alterations?
Yes! We are happy to have a very talented seamstress on our staff.

Are alterations included?
No, alterations are not included in the cost of your gown.

Do I have to submit measurements to order a gown?
We prefer exact measurements but if you are confident in your sizing, we can order whatever size you request. If you request a specific size rather than letting us size you against our size chart, Forrest Paper & Bridal Co. is not responsible for your gown fitting incorrectly.

You can be measured by one of our stylists or at any reputable bridal/formals shop or tailor. If you are submitting your own measurements (rather than being measured by us), we ask that you submit them online using this handy form.

Can you accommodate out-of-town bridesmaids?
Yes! All out-of-town maids can submit their measurements online and have their gown shipped directly to them.